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Mrs. Yvonne Scriven Clerk to the Council t: 01562  777 976 e: Council meetings take place on the first Monday in the month, at the Village Hall. Full Council meetings commence at 7:15pm and after that business then reconvene as the Planning Committee. All members of the public are welcome to observe the meetings. There is time for the public to address the Council before the start of both of these meetings. Agendas are no longer available on the website before the meetings. Minutes are copied to the parish magazine. When approved at subsequent meetings, minutes are archived.
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Parish Council Chairman: Will Mack 01562 777 789 Vice Chairman: Dave Thomas 01562 777 315 Other Members of the Council: Mark Page 07989 338 803 Phyllis Pardoe 01562 777 969 Sue Smith 01562 700 057 Geoff Vernon 01562 777 365 Steve Williams 01562 777 536 District Councillor for ‘Wyre Forest Rural’ Ward Ian Hardiman <Link> 01562 631 139 Marcus Hart <Link> 01562 851 769 Lisa Jones <Link> 07854 713 819 Next Meeting: Monday 2nd December
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Traffic announcements:

Road Closure between the Hare & Hounds and The Plough, Shenstone, between 20 Oct and 1 Nov. Main road into Bromsgrove closed alongside Sanders Park - 21 Oct to 2 Nov. Road Closure between Redhill and Harvington (Harvington Hall Lane) between 25 and 30 Nov. NEW NEWS !

Traffic (Speed) Surveys

A   report   on   a   meeting   with   Cllr   M   Hart   and   P   Green   from   Worcestershire   County   Council   had   been   circulated   called   to   consider   the results   of   recent   volume   and   speed   surveys   undertaken   by   the   Safer   Roads   Partnership   (part   of   West   Mercia   Police),   taken   over   a   7 day period commencing on 11 September 2019. Location Total Volume Vehicles* Speed Limit Mean Speed 85%tile Redcross 12407 50mph 44mph 50.9mph 15% exceeding 51mph Brockencote 12417 30mph 35.1 mph 40.4 mph 15% exceeding 40mph School 12525 30mph 36.8 mph 44.3 mph 15% exceeding 44mph (foot of Lodgeford Hill) Clattercut 12086 60mph 41.6 mph 48.3 mph 15% exceeding 48mph   (top of Lodgeford Hill) * Vehicle movements recorded in both directions Outcome Redcross   –   Results   indicate   that   the   speed   limit   is   being   adhered   to   in   the   50mph   and   the   national   speed   limit   areas.   The   SRP   will not   enforce   unless   above   57   mph.   Therefore   no   action   can   be   taken   at   this   time.   Highways   had   previously   considered   removing   the overtaking lines at this location, but this had been rejected. 30   mph   areas    -   It   was   agreed   that   speeds   within   the   30mph   areas   are   too   high.   The   SRP   will   not   take   speed   enforcement   action until   the   statutory   highways   authority   (WCC)   have   done   all   of   the   engineering   measures   they   reasonably   can   to   try   to   reduce speeds. Brockencote    –   White   village   gateways   are   in   the   process   of   being   installed   at   the   start   of   the   30mph   limit.   New   30mph   signage with   yellow   backing   behind   it   will   be   installed   as   you   enter   the   30   mph   speed   limit   and   some   new   bend   warning   signage.   White ‘tiger   teeth’   markings   will   be   added   to   the   road   before   the   30   mph   sign.   It   was   agreed   to   contribute   £1,000   towards   the   cost signage improvements, which was match funded by Cllr Marcus Hart. Near   the   School   –   White   gates   are   already   installed.   White   ‘tigers   teeth’   signs   will   also   be   added   at   this   location.   Highways   will look   into   the   possibility   of   removing   the   overtaking   lines   from   Clattercut   Lane   to   the   School.   Additional   signage   near   entrance   to school will be considered. 50/60   mph   areas   near   Clattercut   Lane    –   A   speed   limit   review   will   be   undertaken   from   Bromsgrove   to   Mustow   Green   which   will require a full statutory consultation and will take approximately 12 months.

Public Consultation

As   part   of   this   process   we   will   shortly   be   Mailing   a   RESIDENTS’   SURVEY   to   every   household   in   the   parish.   The   survey   form   can be   completed   and   returned   in   the   envelope   provided,   or   on-line.   There   will   be   a   separate   on-line   survey   for   children   and   for businesses. Other adults in the household can also make an on-line return. There is a 20th November deadline for their submission.