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Morning milk deliveries


Chaddesley Corbett

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M & P Dairies

For   the   past   38   years   come   ice,   snow,   tornado   or   tsunami   Mark   Plain   has faithfully   delivered   our   daily   ‘Pintas’   -   the   bottles   appear   as   if   by   magic. Re-usable   glass   bottles   are   more   environmentally   friendly   with   no   plastic or   cardboard   containers   to   throw   away   and   the   milk   hasn’t   been   interfered with   to   last   a   week   out   of   a   fridge.   It   is   as   fresh   as   a   daisy.   More   than   just milk   too,   Mark   also   delivers   orange   juice   (in   bottles),   newspapers,   cream, eggs,   organic   milk   and   magazines.   We   are   extremely   fortunate   to   have such   a   fantastic   service   literally   ‘on   our   doorstep’   and   it’s   up   to   us   to support it and keep an old village tradition alive.
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Our local man

With   a   round   of   300   homes   and   6   businesses,   Mark   has   to   be   up   at   3:50am   to   collect   the   milk   from   the   unit   in Kidderminster   ready   to   start   his   deliveries.   Each   day   he   drives   approx.   80   miles   around   Stone,   Harvington, Chaddesley,   Bluntington,   Woodrow   and   Drayton.   Mark   was   born   in   Kidderminster.   His   Dad,   Albert   Plain   was born   in   Chaddesley   and   lived   with   Marks   grandparents,   Albert   Snr.   and   Gladys   in   the   cottage   which   is   now   the village Tea Room. Mark   worked   for   Harvington   Dairy   Stores   for   19   years   until   Henry   Bunting   retired   in   2000   when   Mark   bought the   round   and   started   M&P   Dairies.   He   is   married   to   Maureen,   John   and   Marion   Sabel’s   daughter.   They   have two children, Matthew and Abigail and are thrilled to bits with their 4 month old granddaughter, Isabella.

Why not give him a call on 01562 863 273