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A   busy   Spring   so   far:   a   very   pleasant   Tapas   Evening   which,   with   further   donations,   raised   about   £300   in   aid   of Humanity   and   a   lovely   walk   on   the   Snowdrop   Trail   at   Dudmaston   Hall   with   afternoon   tea   in   the   glorious   sunshine outside. Our   first   Supper   meeting   will   be   on   18th   April   at   La   Brasserie,   Kidderminster;   7.00   pm   for   a   prompt   start   at   7.30 pm and we look forward to an interesting talk by Angela Randle, Volunteer with Refugee Action. REMINDER:   Our   annual   Bridge   Tournament   will   take   place   on   24th   April   at   its   customary   venue:   Blakedown Parish   Rooms   –   starting   with   morning   coffee   at   10.30   am   for   a   prompt   11.00   am   start   of   play   and   finishing   at 4.00 pm. The cost is £12 per player (including all refreshments). For further details and to book places call Sue Merrill on 07831487648 or 01562 700079 or email: susanmerrill8@gmail.com . For more details about the club and its activities and meetings contact us: Tel. 01299 266101 or email: kidderminstersorop@gmail.com Website: http://sigbi.org/kidderminster-and-district/ Facebook: Soroptimists Kidderminster


Meets Every 3rd Wednesday, at Chaddesley Village Hall 2.00pm 17th April - Hartlebury Castle A talk with Mary Arden Davies Visitors and New Members are very welcome Secretary: Kay Palmer 01299 825486

Chaddesley Corbett WI

Next Meeting Well-known   local   historian   Max   Hunt   will   give   the   talk   at April’s    meeting.    Always    an    entertaining    speaker,    Max    will cover    the     history    of    Shelsley    Walsh     -    including    the Shelsley Watermill. Guests Guests    and    new    members    can    be    guaranteed    a    warm welcome   to   our   monthly   meetings   which   take   place   on   the first   Wednesday   of   each   month   at   7.30   pm   in   the   Village   Hall. There is a varied programme of speakers planned for 2019. See website for further details or contact Drene Baker, President: 01299 250778


Entomologist   and   horticulturist   Roger   Umpelby   was   the   guest   speaker   at   our   meeting   on   13th   March.   His   subject was   Aliens   in   the   Garden   and   he   started   by   defining   Aliens   as   something   that   is   non-native,   particularly   if   it   is unwanted   or   not   understood.   Some   of   these   plants,   insects,   animals   and   birds   will   naturalise   over   time   and   be accepted as native. A lot of them do change the balance of nature and compete with endemic species Jim   Preston   passed   on   the   gratitude   of   the   charity   Twigs   for   the   donation   of   £60   collected   from   the   Plant   of   the Month display. Twigs, backed by the Emily Jordan Foundation, teaches educationally challenged young people about horticulture. As a reminder, our meetings take place on the second Wednesday of the month at Chaddesley Corbett Village Hall, 7.30 for 8.00 pm.