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Chaddesley Corbett (Endowed) Primary School

Why not give the (excellent) school website the ‘once-over’ - including drone over- flights (!) https://www.ccschool.co.uk/# The school finances are aided by donations by the Education Foundation Trust.

Chaddesley Corbett Educational Foundation

The Trust administers invested funds and the rental income from properties and land to further educational ambitions within the “ancient parish” of Chaddesley. After having built the new school at Lodgeford Hill, the Victorian building in the centre of the village was sold for housing development (John Spalding Close), the final stage of which, the conversion of the ‘Old Grammar School’ building to residential use is being finalised. Old Grammar School developments (This is where it gets interesting) At the July Parish Council meeting of the Planning Committee, the Minutes of the Meetings held on 4 July 2018, having been approved by the Parish Council and signed by the Chairman, Cllr J Wright (a Parish Coucil appointed Trustee) referred to item 7.3 of said Minutes and requested permission to comment on the decision taken at the last meeting. The Chairman reminded Cllr Wright that this was not on the Agenda and asked if he wished to speak as a member of the public. Cllr Wright declined and consequently tendered his resignation, which was formally accepted by the Chairman of the Parish Council (effectively forcing their own representative to quit) !
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