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As you will be aware if you have taken a walk in the woods recently there has been some forestry work going on and some notable trees have been felled. Let   me   explain   the   reasons.   The   trees   are   all   Ash   which   are   showing   the   first   signs   of   ash   die   back   disease   - Chalara   Hymenoscyphuis   fraxineus),   a   wind   born   fungal   disease   which   spread   to   this   country   from   the   continent starting in eastern Europe in 2006. The   first   signs   are   that   young   twig   growth   withers   during   the   summer   and   there   are   other   diagnostic   symptoms on   twigs   and   leaves   themselves.   It   spreads   rapidly   and   from   first   signs   to   death   of   tree,   even   large   ones   can   be as   little   as   2   years.   I   have   personally   seen   this   in   Suffolk   where   the   disease   presented   itself   before   arriving   here in   the   west.   There   appear   to   be   no    control   measures   that   can   be   taken   against   the   disease   except   felling   and burning.   Research   is   going   on   by   the   forestry   commission   to   see   if   there   could   be   some   genetic   variation   but although work is on going, it will not save the infected trees around the country. One   of   the   effects   is   that   the   wood   and   branches   become   very   brittle   as   they   die   which   creates   a   problem   as   far as   safety   is   concerned   especially   near   roads   and   public   footpaths   as   the   branches   can   suddenly   break   off   without warning. This   brings   me   back   to   the   beginning   as   to   why   you   see   that   we   have   felled   some   large   trees   near   paths.   Trees within   the   wood   out   of   harms   way   we   shall   leave   for   now   because   as   they   die   they   can   stand   for   a   while   creating habitat for birds and insects, so please keep to marked footpaths and please be aware of potential hazards. If while walking in the wider countryside you see affected trees or any with possible symptoms please report them to “The Animal and Plant Health Agency” website. Mervyn Needham (Volunteer Warden)


Meets Every 3rd Wednesday, at Chaddesley Village Hall 2.00pm 21st February: Physiotherapist Fay “Exercise Through Life” Visitors and New Members are very welcome Secretary: Kay Palmer 01299 825486

Chaddesley Corbett WI

Next Meeting The    next    meeting    will    be    held    on    Wednesday    6th February    when   the   speaker   will   be   from   a   charity   called “Socks and Chocs”  which helps homeless people. Everyone   has   been   asked   to   bring   along   a   pair   of   socks   to donate. Guests Guests    and    new    members    can    be    guaranteed    a    warm welcome   to   our   monthly   meetings   which   take   place   on   the first   Wednesday   of   each   month   at   7.30   pm   in   the   Village   Hall. There is a varied programme of speakers planned for 2019. See website for further details or contact Drene Baker, President: 01299 250778


Our   thanks   to   the   last   Speaker   for   the   evening,   Mr   Ray   Sturdy ,   who   gave   us   quite   an   in-sight   on   `The   Rise   and Fall of Witley Court’,  a well known estate within our area. Mr Sturdy is a big supporter of Cancer Research and contributions were made by members at the end of the talk. Members   were   reminded   about   the   concert   to   be   held   on   Friday   8th   February,    when   `The   Fold   Theatre `will   be presenting   `Beside   the   Seaside`.    Tickets   are   £10.00   and   include   a   Fish   and   Chip   supper,   provided   by   a   different supplier from last year. Tickets   are   also   open   to   non   members   and   may   be   obtained   from   Mike   Griffiths   on   01562   68693,   or   Malcolm   Brewer on 01562 777530. Our   next   meeting   on   Wednesday   13th   February   is   the   A.G.M .,   with   a   glass   of   wine   and   after   the   meeting,   there will be talk on making raised flower beds. As a reminder, our meetings take place on the second Wednesday of the month at Chaddesley Corbett Village Hall, 7.30 for 8.00 pm.