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Probus Club

Once   a   month   a   group   of   men   enjoy   a   nice   lunch,   in   convivial   surroundings,   in   the   company   of   like-minded chaps at our lunch club. We choose to come together for social reasons, so why not join us? We   meet   on   the   second   Thursday   in   the   month,   for   a   simple   lunch.   For   some   of   these   meetings   we   have   a speaker;   three   are   social   functions   when   we   include   our   lady   guests;   and   the   others   are   for   members’   social interaction. Past speakers have included subjects as varied as Pub signs of Worcestershire, Bess of Hardwick, Agincourt1415, and violin making. Sometimes members give a talk on a subject of interest of which they have knowledge. Some talks are accompanied by photographs. We invite the ladies to our Spring, Summer and Christmas luncheons. The   club   arranges   some   additional   visits   each   year.   These   usually   include   a   pub   luncheon,   as   well   as   a   visit   to   a place   of   interest   –   recent   visits   have   been   made   to   The   Elgar   Birthplace,   The   international   Eisteddfod   in Llangollen, The Red House Glass Cone, and the Morgan Car Factory. We   have   a   simple   philosophy,   which   is   to   come   together   to   enjoy   ourselves   and   to   operate   the   club   with   a minimum   of   fuss.   There   is   an   annual   fee.   The   cost   of   the   monthly   lunch,   social   occasions   and   extra   trips   are additional to the annual fee. Purely   as   a   guide,   the   current   annual   fee   was   £12,   and   the   lunch   costs   are   £19.50   for   2   courses   and   tea/coffee. We currently meet at Hogarths Stone Manor Hotel, Stone, Nr Kidderminster, usually at 1230 for 1300. Interested? Get   in   touch   with   the   secretary   David   Finlow   on   01562   731   459   or   by   e.mail   on   finlow@phonecoop.coop    for more information and to “try us” out one lunch.


Meets Every 3rd Wednesday, at Chaddesley Village Hall 2.00pm 20th March: “Spring into Summer” Cooking with Shirley Cadman Visitors and New Members are very welcome Secretary: Kay Palmer 01299 825486

Chaddesley Corbett WI

Next Meeting At   March’s   meeting,   David   Clark    will   take   a   light-hearted peek   at   the   BBC,   especially   all   the   songs   and   music   that   has been banned over the years !! Guests Guests    and    new    members    can    be    guaranteed    a    warm welcome   to   our   monthly   meetings   which   take   place   on   the first   Wednesday   of   each   month   at   7.30   pm   in   the   Village   Hall. There is a varied programme of speakers planned for 2019. See website for further details or contact Drene Baker, President: 01299 250778


Our Chairman Malcolm Brewer opened our AGM by welcoming everyone, particularly our six new members. Angela   and   her   husband   Mark   Edwards   gave   us   a   talk   and   slide   show   about   their   garden,   in   particular   about   their new   raised   vegetable   beds.   Mark   had   made   the   most   of   the   available   space   by   designing   slightly   irregular   beds, which   were   divided   into   sections   to   enable   crop   rotation   by   Angela.   The   beds   were   filled   with   commercial   top   soil and   homemade   compost   is   added   whenever   available.   Mark   also   made   two   sturdy   compost   bins,   plus   plant   supports and trellises. Secretary   Olive   Mason   announced   the   new   programme   of   events.   She   asked   if   one   of   the   members   of   the   Club   can give a short talk at the next AGM. The printed programmes will hopefully be available at the March meeting. As a reminder, our meetings take place on the second Wednesday of the month at Chaddesley Corbett Village Hall, 7.30 for 8.00 pm.