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Meets Every 3rd Wednesday, at Chaddesley Village Hall 2.00pm 16th October will be ‘MAKING PENDANTS’ with jewellery maker, Lisa Walker Visitors and New Members are very welcome Secretary: Kay Palmer 01299 825486

Chaddesley Corbett W.I.

At   the   October   meeting   there   will   be   a   Harvest   of   Talents when   members   will   bring   along   a   selection   of   home-grown fruit    and    vegetables,    flowers,    home-made    cakes,    crafts, preserves    and    photographs    of    trees.    The    entries    will    be judged and prizes given. In     November     we     celebrate     our     99th     birthday     with entertainment,   refreshments   and   a   cake.   Next   year   will   be our   centenary   and   we   have   plenty   of   exciting   events   lined   up to celebrate this important milestone. Our   Christmas   outing   will   be   to   Blenheim   Palace   where   we will explore the Christmas market. Guests    and    new    members    can    be    guaranteed    a    warm welcome   to   our   monthly   meetings   which   take   place   on   the first   Wednesday   of   each   month   at   7.30   pm   in   the   Village Hall. See website for further details  or contact Drene Baker, President: 01299 250778
CONTACT: Nikki Davies on 01562 777626 or Brenda Bartlett on 01562 777453 TO BOOK A STALL
GRANTS AVAILABLE ••• TOWARDS UNIVERSITY / COLLEGE MAINTENANCE COSTS, PREPARING FOR A PROFESSION, TRADE OR CALLING, STUDYING MUSIC OR OTHER ARTS Chaddesley   Corbett   Educational   Foundation   is   able   to   make   grants   for   the   above   purposes   to   persons   under   25   who   are   resident   in   the ancient parish of Chaddesley Corbett. The Trustees will make awards for the academic year 2019/20 in December 2019. In 2018 awards were typically £500 per applicant. Anyone wishing to be considered should request an application form from the clerk to the Foundation via email  . Closing date for making an application 31st October 2019.