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Why not give the (excellent) school website the ‘once-over’ - including drone over- flights (!) https://www.ccschool.co.uk/# The school finances are aided by donations by the Education Foundation Trust.

Chaddesley Corbett Educational Foundation

The Trust administers invested funds and the rental income from properties and land to further educational ambitions within the “ancient parish” of Chaddesley. After having built the new school at Lodgeford Hill, the Victorian building in the centre of the village was sold for housing development (John Spalding Close), the final stage of which, the conversion of the ‘Old Grammar School’ building to residential use is being finalised. Applications   are   invited    from   any   person   under   25   years   of   age   and   resident within   the   Ancient   Parish   of   Chaddesley   Corbett   for   financial   assistance   towards the   costs   associated   with   their   attendance   at   or   participation   in   activities   at   any school,   university   or   other   place   of   learning   or   for   financial   assistance   with   the costs of preparing for entry to any profession, trade or calling. Closing    date    for    applications    for    the    Academic    Year    to    August    2019    is Wednesday 31st October 2018 Further details and an application form may be obtained from Mrs Yolande Biggs, Clerk to the Trustees, Chaddesley Corbett Endowed Primary School, Nethercroft Meadow, Chaddesley Corbett, Kidderminster DY10 4QN Email: ybclerk@gmail.com Completion   of   an   application   form   does   not   confer   the   right   to   a   grant   and applicants may have to demonstrate their need for assistance.
Chaddesley Corbett
Chaddesley Corbett Parish Council 2 July 2018 Dear Members THE OLD GRAMMAR SCHOOL, THE VILLAGE, CHADDESLEY CORBETT (PLANNING APPLICATION 18/0306/4) Myself,   and   other   Council   members   have   been   presented   with a   copy   letter   to   Wyre   Forest   District   Council   in   connection   with the    above.        This    has    also    been    published    in    the    Parish Magazine. Whereas   the   content   may   have   been   agreed   by   the   Chairman and   some   members   of   the   Parish   Council,   the   Council   will   be aware   of   my   detailed   objections   to   the   form   and   content   (my email   dated   18   June   2018)   to   which   no   response   has   been received and apparently no regard given. I therefore find that I cannot support a Parish Council which:- 1 Adopts     procedures     which     delegate     the     formal responses   of   this   nature   to   a   number   of   its   members   who, (whilst   admirable   Parish   Councillors)   do   not,   in   my   opinion, possess    the    appropriate    property,    planning    or    commercial expertise. As such:- 2 Produce   a   formal   document   which   not   only   contains   a number   of   emotional   and   potentially   misleading   statements (which    negate    any    degree    of    objectivity)    but    also    include factually    incorrect    and    unsupported    statements    about    the applicant   ..   that   “no   adequate   efforts   have   been   made   to   find or establish suitable alternative uses for the building”. 3 This,   in   the   event   of   the   Planning   Application   being refused    and    subsequently    appealed,    would    lead    to    those statements being strongly challenged and potentially ridiculed. In   view   of   the   above   I   tender   my   resignation   as   a   Parish Councillor. Yours faithfully, J E WRIGHT
Letter    in    response    to    statements    and    minutes    published elsewhere and in the public domain. Dear Sir, Re. The Old Grammar School (“OGS“ ) I   find   it   necessary   to   respond   to   item   7.3   of   the   Draft   Minutes of   Planning   Meeting   of   CCPC   held   on   4th   June   2018   and published in the Parish Magazine of July 2018. The   comments   of   the   Planning   Committee   set   out   in   that   item display   an   alarming   ignorance   of   the   purposes   of   the   charity, particularly    as    the    Parish    Council    appoint    three    of    the Trustees.   This   ignorance   needs   to   be   addressed   if   only   for   the benefit of the members of the PC. The   Foundation’s   charitable   purpose   is   to   provide   funds   to support     the     village     school     and     to     financially     support educational   activities   of   youngsters   living   within   the   ancient parish   of   Chaddesley   Corbett.   It   obtains   the   necessary   funds to   fulfil   this   charitable   purpose   by   the   income   it   receives   from the   properties   with   which   it   was   endowed   (including   the   OGS) and, since the sale of the Old School, its investment income. Given   that   The   Foundation’s   function   is   to   provide   funds   it   is the    duty    of    the    Trustees    to    ensure    that    its    assets    (the properties    and    its    investment    income)    produce    as    much income as possible to fulfil its charitable purpose. In   view   of   the   above   the   Trustees   of   The   Foundation   would   be in   breach   of   trust   should   they   allocate   one   of   their   assets   (the OGS)   for   ”community   use”   without   seeking   a   commercial   rent (as is proposed by the PC ). In   seeking   a   commercial   rent   for   ”community   use”   neither   the PC   nor   any   other   body   has   shown   a   willingness   to   commit   to this and thereby provide the “community asset“. Accordingly,   given   the   need   to   use   this   building   commercially, and   following   professional   advice,   the   Trustees   have   applied for planning permission for a change of use to ‘Residential’. Given   that   the   OGS   is   owned   by   the   Foundation   it   is   not   for the   PC   to   designate   its   use.   However,   this   proposal   will   provide housing     for     local     people     -     and     so     comply     with     the Neighbourhood Plan. (Ed. Name and address supplied)
Old Grammar School developments (This is where it gets interesting) At the July Parish Council meeting of the Planning Committee .. 7.3 “The Minutes of the Meetings held on 4 July 2018, having been approved by the Parish Council and signed by the Chairman, Cllr. J Wright (a Parish Council appointed Trustee) referred to item 7.3 of said Minutes and requested permission to comment on the decision taken at the last meeting. The Chairman reminded Cllr. Wright that this was not on the Agenda and asked if he wished to speak as a member of the public. Cllr. Wright declined and consequently tendered his resignation, which was formally accepted by the Chairman of the Parish Council.” (Effectively forcing their own representative to quit) !