Chaddesley Corbett

What’s On in OCTOBER

2nd WI 7:30pm Village Hall Page 10 7th Parish Council 7:15pm Village Hall Page 30 9th Care Café 2pm Village Hall Page 6 9th Gardening Club 7:30pm Village Hall Page 12 14th Share & Care 10:30am Susie’s home Page 6 16th Brockencote WI 2pm Village Hall Page 26 16th History Society 7:30pm Village Hall Page 24 18th MAC Film Night 7 for 7:30pm Village Hall Page 14 [in this month’s Parish magazine] MOBILE LIBRARY SERVICE - First Tuesday of each month calling at Drayton (the ‘Robin Hood’ ph) 1.35pm-1:50pm, then Chaddesley (Hemming Way) 2 pm-2:20pm For enquiries please contact: 01905 822722

Police Report

A number of batteries had been stolen on 29 August.

   Our new Police Inspector David King was introduced.

The police would be carrying out radar speed checks on the A448 following complaints of motor cycles speeding.

The police remained in the meeting for the discussions on recent road closures.

Churchyard Mowing

OCTOBER weeks commencing _ 1st 7th 14th 21st 28th No Mowing No Mowing No Mowing M Inchley M Meredith D Thomas F Meredith S Newnes The named person at the top of each group is requested to contact other team members. Please arrange to swap if you are unable to do your turn. The areas to be mown are displayed on a plan in the lychgate. Refer any problems to Robin Blakeway 777679 or Mark Page 777244

Bell Ringing

Bell ringing practice night is Wednesdays - 7:45pm to 9:00pm.

We ring before services on 1st & 3rd Sundays each month (9:00am to 9:30am) and otherwise as announced.

Weddings this month:




    - between 12:30 & 2:00


David & Claire



Saturday  - between 1:00 & 2:30


Martin & Melissa

We ring some half hour before the wedding ceremony and for some 20 minutes afterwards.

Our special ringing to help celebrate the 50th Anniversary of ‘The Friends of St. Cassian’s’ - a ‘test ring’ of Devon Call-Changes - has been published in the ‘Ringing Times’.

Chaddesley Community Care Café

The   next   Café   will   be   held   on   Wednesday   9th   October   2019   from   2:00pm   till   3:30pm   in   the   Village   Hall   for   those   living   with   dementia and other illnesses and their carers and those who would appreciate some company for a while. Tea & cakes served with the opportunity to meet people and have a good old chat. The children of Winterfold School will be singing For more information please get in touch with Diane Dolley:     777 841       email:              or  Yvonne Scriven: 777 976;      email:  If you need transport to & from the Village Hall, please get in touch with one of the contacts above.

Organ Repair

Work on the organ is well underway. The pipes, blower and soundboards have been removed and are being worked on at Nicholson’s Malvern factory - see  In the interim, we have a Viscount digital organ playing at all services - with a stack of speakers (resembling the Woodstock Festival !) Clare Stockford, Churchwarden.