December in Chaddesley

3rd Parish Council Monthly Meeting Village Hall see page 29 5th Brockencote W.I. Christmas Lunch Stone Manor see page 16 5th Chaddesley W.I. Monthly Meeting Village Hall see page 12 8th Chaddesley Voices Concert 7.00pm St Cassian see page 5 9th Chaddesley Voices Concert 5.00pm St Cassian see page 5 12th Chaddesley Care Café 2.00pm Village Hall see page 4 12th Gardening Club Monthly Meeting Village Hall see page 10 14th MAC Film Night Village Hall see page 22 15th Daffodil Planting Meet 10.00am New Oak Tree see page 16 16th Carol Service 7.00pm St Cassian see page 3 19th Share & Care Monthly Meeting Hill Pool House see page 5 [Page numbers refer to the Parish magazine] Monthly Police Report: The   Police   reported   that   there   had   been   a   theft   of   fish   from   Harvington Hall   pond,   a   burglary   at   Chances   Close,   and   theft   of   3   excavator   buckets from   Drayton   Grove.   A   new   PCSO   had   been   appointed,   Zara   Williams . Enquiries   to   the   police   about   the   road   accident   at   Redcross   earlier   this year   had   been   unsuccessful   because   the   incident   could   not   be   traced.   Cllrs asked for this to be referred to Cllr M Hart. A Night At The Movies Join us for a Christmas Family Special ~ The Greatest Showman Friday 14th December An original musical with great songs, celebrating the birth of show- business '....pure, unabashed entertainment which will have you tapping your feet' Doors open at 7pm. Film starts at 7.30pm in Chaddesley Village Hall BUY YOUR TICKETS from our lovely village retailers - THE FLOWER ROOM:   THE VILLAGE BUTCHER:   JUKES TEA ROOMS TICKET PRICE: £8 which includes a glass of wine and Rachel's ice cream Our films now show English sub-titles so we all hear a bit better!

Bell Ringing

So that people are kept ‘in the know’ about what’s going-on in the Tower, we continue our Practice night on Wednesdays - 7:30 to 9:00 - and ring before Morning Service on the 1st and 3rd Sundays each month. We will be continuing our tradition of celebrating John Giles’ contribution to ringing in the neighbourhood with a toast to the good gentleman on Wednesday 21st. after ringing. Sad to say, we’ve broken the clapper on the Tenor Bell (the largest) so we’re only ringing on “the front six” at the moment !

Chaddesley Christmas Services

Sunday 16th December 7:00pm Carol Service Friday 21st December 7:30pm   ‘Longest Night’ Service - a quiet time for those who are bereaved   or who find Christmas ‘difficult’. Christmas Eve 5:00pm Crib Service Christmas Day 9:30am Holy Communion Sunday 30th Dec. 10:30am United Service   for ‘Kidderminster East’ at St. Cecilia’s (Hoo Road).

Village Hall

Don’t forget to make best use of the Village Hall .. join the many societies which meet there .. book it for family festivities and fun-filled frolics .. attend the film-shows and meetings .. To book: - ring the Hall Manager on 07791 508283
Chaddesley Corbett
Santa’s in his Grotto and all’s well with the world ! CHRISTMAS IS COMING Well,    it    will    be    -    on    Saturday    1st December    -   at    Rowberry’s    -   when he’ll     be     ‘tuning-up’     his     sleigh     and practising handing-out presents ! Mums   and   Dads   should   give   Elf   ‘Juliette’ a    ring    on    07848    160395 ,    to    make sure   that   there’s   £7   to   ensure   to   right present can be presented. _____________________ TIMES       for       MOBILE       LIBRARY SERVICE One visit per Month on First Tuesday - Drayton (Robin Hood) 1.35pm -1.50pm Chaddesley (Hemming Way)   2.00pm - 2.20pm Enquiries - contact:01905 822722 _________________________