Chaddesley Corbett

What’s On in JULY

1st Parish Council 7:15pm Village Hall Page 26 in the Parish magazine 3rd Chaddesley WI 7:30pm Village Hall Page 10 10th Gardening Club 7:30pm Village Hall Page 12 10th Care Café 2pm Village Hall Page 6 15th Share & Care 10:30am Beth’s home Page 6 17th Brockencote WI 2pm Village Hall Page 16 24th Faithful City Morris Men 8pm The Swan Page 16 ‘Monty the Churchyard Mole’ children’s competition Spot the spot he’s come up in the parish magazine this month.

Police Report

There was no Police report at the monthly Parish Council meeting (so, we presume, there was no crime to report upon). Following   discussion   at   the   Annual   Parish   meeting   a   meeting   with   Highways   took   place   on   Tuesday   4   June   and   residents   would be advised of the outcome by the Parish Council.

Churchyard Mowing

July weeks commencing _ 1st July 8th July 15th July 22nd July 29th July J Mountford T Reece M Kenrick R Boden D Somers A McMeeking L Stockford R Beardshaw A Newbold M Ludlow M Hanson C Reece T Westley R Tunnicliffe J Thomas   M Willetts The named person at the top of each group is requested to contact other team members. Please arrange to swap if you are unable to do your turn. The areas to be mown are displayed on a plan in the lychgate. Refer any problems to Robin Blakeway 777679 or Mark Page 777244

Bell Ringing

Bell ringing practice night is Wednesdays - 7:45pm to 9:00pm.

Entry through the main church door and up the stairs opposite.

Anyone is welcome to see (and hear) what goes on and even to have a supervised try-for-yourself. Please knock and wait for the

door to be opened for you - with ropes moving around we need to be careful for your safety.

Experienced ringers especially welcome. 

We ring before services on 1st & 3rd Sundays each month (9:00am to 9:30am) and otherwise as announced.

Local ringers will attempt a Quarter Peal on Thursday 4th July - 7:30 to 8:30pm to celebrate the 60th ‘Diamond’ Wedding

Anniversary of Alan and Jean Beaumont (our oldest ringers).

There will be a Visiting Band ringing 11:30 - 12:30 on Saturday 20th July.

No Weddings this month. There are weddings on 1st, 10th, 17th, 22nd & 23rd August (further details to follow).

Chaddesley Care Café

The   next   Café   will   be   held   on   Wednesday   10th   July   2019   from   2:00pm   till   3:30pm   in   the   Village   Hall   for   those   living   with   dementia and other illnesses and their carers and those who would appreciate some company for a while. Tea & cakes served with the opportunity to meet people and have a good old chat.       Fun and Games with ‘Rota Kids’ from Chaddesley School For more information please get in touch with Diane Dolley:     777 841       email:              or  Yvonne Scriven: 777 976;      email: If you need transport to & from the Village Hall, please get in touch with one of the contacts above.

Organ Repair

We had hoped that the work to repair the organ would begin at the end of April but our organ builders, Nicholson’s, have been held up on other jobs. If you would like to see what they are doing please have a look at their website: We have been given a new start date of Monday 1st July - it will take them 2 weeks to dismantle and remove the pipes. These will be taken to their workshop in Malvern. There will be some disruption during this time but the church will carry on as usual and work around the project. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this wonderful project - we have almost raised the money needed. There will be further updates as the work progresses. Clare Stockford, Churchwarden.

Faithful City Morris Men

will dance at The Swan WEDNESDAY 24TH JULY from 8pm

Fete Report

Thank you so much to everyone who came along to the Fete on Saturday 8th June. Thank you to those who ran stalls, made cakes, donated items, helped on the day and supported us in any way. Wow....what an amazing day, so far we have raised £2,500.

Just like new !

Our new Lengthsman, Ben Ludlow, has made Dr. Spalding’s benches look as good as new. Thank you Ben.